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Make a difference for children and young people in Githabai - Kenya


Welcome to Friends of Githabais website.

The association's purpose is to support children in Kenya, primarily South Kinangop with the Githabai Primary School as the center.

Githabai Primary School is located near the Rift Valley at Naivasha approx. 140 km. from the capital Nairobi.
The school is located in an agricultural area of ​​small plots, where vegetables are mainly grown for resale and to feed the families. The main crop is corn.
The weights are small and neat, so the cores are tight.
Global climate change causes the rainfall pattern to become unstable, with increasing periods of drought.
Some people are suffering from AIDS, mortality is high, and therefore an increasing number of grandparents have to care for orphans. Education cannot be afforded here.
Due to political turmoil in the 2007 elections, a large number of internally displaced families have applied to Githabai.
These families are landless and live in deep poverty by relief or alms and pose a further strain on the area's resources.
So here is no advice for education either.
The school has received 50 internally displaced children and no additional funds.
There is now a class quotient of approx. 80 students.
Unemployment is currently. 60% in the country.
Lack of water has been a major problem.
The school, in collaboration with Githabai's Friends and benevolent donors, has found funding to reopen bores
as well as establishing water supply for school and locals.
This is a very big step forward.
The other great desire of the people to improve health and reduce mortality is the opening of a newly built health clinic in Githabai.
The clinic must not receive patients until it is fully equipped.
There is a long way to emergency help for injuries, illness and births.


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