Friends of Githabai

Make a difference for children and young people in Githabai - Kenya


The association is supported from many sides and we thank all the sponsors for their tireless support.

In addition, a number of individuals have chosen to sponsor further education for a number of students at Githabai Primary School. Since 2006, sponsors have been found to send a new team of young people to education at the 4-year Secondary Schools each year - a total of 35 young people. Of these, at present 17, but since the families are poor and without the opportunity to contribute to a possible. In higher education, young people continue to need financial support. 8 sponsors therefore support further education for a maximum of 4 years within approx. same amount limit. 2 young people have got new sponsors.

In addition to the sponsors mentioned, a large number of associations, ward councils, members and benevolent individuals have contributed money, effects to the containers as well as help in numerous ways. Some funds have been raised as fees at lecture events, where the association has been invited to show pictures and report on its background and projects.

Thank you all.


A big thank you to Lions Club Præstø/ Fladså


A big thank you to Lions Club Præstø/ Fladså,

who has kindly donated the full amount for the purchase of necessary equipment for the opening of a laboratory at Githabai Dispensary.


The laboratory will be a great improvement in the treatment of the patients as well as improving the conditions for the clinic.

We look forward to following the project.

Lions Club Præstø-Fladså


We have received a donation from Lions Club Pæstø / Fladså for a washbasin for the use of the 740 children and 25 teachers at Githabai Primary School.

Many thanks to the Lions

Lions Club Fuglebjerg


September 2020. 

Lions Club Fuglebjerg has kindly donated DKK 4,200.00 for the purchase of a laptop for Githabai Dispensary.
The good news was received with joy and gratitude both in Kenya and in the Friends of Githabai Association.
The computer will make Nurse Trizah's everyday life incredibly easy, thereby ensuring much more time for the patients


01 / 09-09 Funded funds for information project in collaboration with the Friends of East Africa Association.



25 / 11-09 Sponsored new engine for the water pump at Githabai Primary School.

Familien Bagge Christensen

23/02/09 Donated DKK 3,000 to 20 school uniforms and shoes for 10 girls and 10 boys.
19 / 04-10 Donated DKK 3,000 to 20 school uniforms and shoes for 10 boys and 10 girls.

Le Village Catalan (Frankrig) ved Erik Gundersen

Le Village Catalan 

01/09/09 Sponsored a week's stay in France for 2 as a prize by drawing the entry ticket for the information evening with James Kimani.
The evening was held in collaboration with the Friends of East Africa Association with grants from the Project Advisory under DANIDA.

Hyllinge Skole

hyllinge    Hyllinge Skole

01/09/09 At James Kimani's visit, he donated some teaching equipment and equipment to Githabai Primary School.

Lions Club Suså


29/09/09 President Frank Hagerup presented at the information evening in connection with James Kimani's visit of DKK 5,000 for the completion of the water project (pump house).
06 / 12-10 Donated DKK 19,000 to repair the water supply system at Githabai Primary School.
06 / 05-11 Donated furniture and equipment from the annual flea market to the newly built Githabai Health Clinic.

Mellemfolkelig Samvirke


01 / 02-11 Intermediate Folk Samvirke's renovation and shipping pool allocated funds for the purchase of a 40-foot container for shipping educational supplies and furniture to Githabai Primary School. The container arrived at the school on 22 / 2-12. What a celebration and joy.
31 / 01-12 Gave advance commitment to purchase and shipment of a 20 foot container with equipment and fixtures to the Githabai Health Clinic.



06 / 04-08 Donated DKK 5,000 to complete the water project (water kiosk) from the Køgeegnens department.
09/02/10 Donated DKK 3,000 by Rotary Fuglebjerg.

Lions Club Præstø-Fladså


22 / 10-07 Donated DKK 58,000 to the water project at Githabai Primary School.
15 / 11-11 In connection with the association's 30th anniversary,
donated DKK 6,000 to supplementary procurement of medical equipment for the Githabai Health clinic.

Karrebæk Skole

Karrebæk School by Flemming Fuglsang

15/05/05 Handed over a gift check of DKK 12,000 - the profits came from a feature in favor of the Githabai water project.
30 / 09-07 Donated school furniture and fixtures to Githabai Primary School at School Inspector James Kimani's visit.
30 / 09-07 James Kimani handed an open check on the profits from the school party for the benefit of the children at Githabai.
15 / 03-12 Flemming Fuglsang and Band make themselves available at a support concert in favor of projects for the children at Githabai.

Livingstone Safari

livingstone ved Karsten Mejlgård

17 / 05-05 Commitment to support projects at the school in return for visits by Danish travelers.
Resulted in the approach of new sponsors and members.
22 / 10-07 Donated DKK 20,000 to the water project.
28 / 09-10 Donated after school visits 30 school uniforms and shoes for 15 boys and 15 girls.
19 / 01-11 Donated DKK 2,000 to a secure locker for storing computers, printers etc. at the school.

OIKOS Fonden

OIKOS Fonden

11/05-18 Big thanks to the OIKOS Foundation at Flemming Kramp - Sandved for donating a printer / scanner / copier to Githabai Dispensary.
This is a huge relief for Nurse Triziah, who is now being given time to take better care of patients.

Lions Club Præstø/Fladså


25/8-2018 Donated DKK 10,000 to help build a waste incinerator for Githaba's Health Clinic.
Thank you very much for the generous donation.

Blomsteriet Fuglebjerg


23/10-2018 Donated DKK 2,380 to help distressed children in Githabai.
Thank you so much for a nice and cozy evening and the great donation.

Lions Club Fuglebjerg


February. 2019: Donated £ 8,000 to help build a waste incinerator for Githabais Dispensary (Health Clinic).
Thank you very much for the generous donation