Friends of Githabai

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Privacy Policy for Friends of Githabai

As a data controller, Githabais Friends is committed to protecting your personal information when you, as a member or guest, make use of Githabais Friends and the services offered and endeavor to make you feel secure in the association's processing of your personal data. Githabais Friends processes personal information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law. Submission of information to Githabai's Friends is only shared with the data processing association.

1. What information do we have on you
We only collect necessary information about you: name, address, telephone number and any. email address.

2. When Githaba's Friends collect and use your personal information
The association collects information about you in the following cases:
When you register as a member of Friends of Githabai or wish to make use of the Association, the above information is collected about you in order to manage your membership and / or use of the Association.

Your information is also used to respond to specific inquiries from you and to receive sign-ups and unsubscriptions for activities and events through the association.

Your personal information will only be processed and stored if you have voluntarily disclosed it, for example, by completing the registration form, attending an event or setting up an agreement with Githabai's Friends

3. When will Githabai's Friends disclose your personal information?
only if required by a court decision or applicable law.

4. How Githabai's Friends protect your personal information
Githabai's Friends have technical security measures in place to ensure that your information is not accidentally or unlawfully deleted, published, lost, impaired, or come to the attention of unauthorized persons, abused or otherwise treated in violation of the law. The association's security procedures and processes are regularly reviewed.
In practice, it is not possible to establish 100% security, and therefore Friends of Githabai cannot guarantee that the information is completely protected against anyone who intentionally tries to bypass the security measures of the association to access the information.
You submit your personal information at your own risk.

5. What rights do you have
If you would like to access the information that Githabai's Friends are processing about you, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 40 45 63 07
You have the right to be told what personal information the association processes about you. If this information proves to be incorrect or misleading, you have the right to ask Githaba's Friends to correct, block or delete this information. In addition, you may object at any time to the fact that information about you is subject to further processing. In this connection, please note that your membership with Githabai's Friends is conditional upon you providing and updating the information required by the association's registration form required to register as a member and to manage your membership. You may request that information about you, which is personal information, be deleted. In that case, Githabai Friends will not be able to offer you the services set forth in the Agreement.

6. How long do Githabai's Friends keep your personal information - continuous deletion obligation?
At Githaba's Friends, your personal information is stored for as long as necessary to provide the services, services and services you have requested, as long as it is necessary for a legitimate purpose (such as administering your membership of the association), or in as long as required by law. If, as a data controller, we are otherwise required to keep the information about you, we will retain this information for as long as we are required to do so.

7. What happens when Friends of Githabai change this Privacy Policy
Githaba's Friends are constantly updating this privacy policy to ensure that we present you with the most accurate information possible and to ensure compliance with applicable law. This means that the association will continuously update and change this privacy policy. In the event of any significant changes, Githabai's Friends will notify you by letter or email. The current version of this Privacy Policy can be obtained by contacting Githabai's Friends at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

8. Inquiries and questions
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or the personal information that we collect and process about you:
Githabis Friends email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.