We held a motivational talk at Githabai Primary School on 7th October 2023 the Theme being

"Overcoming adversity: Rising above challenges and embracing Resilience".

We arrived at 9:40am and found both the teachers and students ready and awaiting us thanks to the Headteacher for the good plans.

We therefore held the first session from 10:00am to 12:00 noon when we all went for a break and the students took their lunch.
During the first session we had Muya and Jonah as the speakers tackling topics related to the theme.

After an hour, we assembled back in the hall for the second session which ran from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.
In this session we had Kamotho, Mwaniki and Wamuyu as the speakers who still handled topics under the same theme.
Mwaniki is Wamuyu's brother so she brought her along.

After the session we handed out the socks to the students and also some snacks (biscuits)
after which we had a photo session and later wished all the best to the candidates in their upcoming national examinations and we thereafter left.

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