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Make a difference for children and young people in Githabai - Kenya


We have started a collaboration with the newly formed young group "Hope On The Move"

on initiatives to improve the information, education, employment and living conditions of children and young people in Githabai.
The group is planning initiatives for environmental improvements at Githabai - among other things. a tree planting project.
The initiators of Hope On The Move consist of formerly sponsored students from Githabai Primary School and the Karati Secundary School.

Project Street Children

A little news from Moses


Moses has sent pictures of the temporary and newly opened vegetable stall at the boys' home.

Moses buys himself into the stall, which is looked after by a local lady,
while Moses is at work, and the boys in school.
Profits from the booth go to the operation of the Moses Welfare Project.

More on the project

News from Moses 'boys' home.

On 3/01, Kenyan schools reopened after nearly a year of lock down.

Thanks to Moses' supporter, who on that occasion has helped with new school uniforms and school equipment for the boys.
Moses sends grateful greetings to all.

IMG 20210109 WA0003  IMG 20210109 WA0002

Moses has rented a small piece of land close to home.

IMG 20210118 134149  IMG 20210118 134141

A small vegetable stall is being built here.
The vegetable sale should be able to contribute a small income to the home as well as supply it with fresh vegetables.


News from Moses Boys' Home

Moses boys' home

IMG 20201117 WA0001

There are currently 10 boys in the home as one of the boys has happily been reunited with his family in Kajiado County.

Everyone is fine.
Moses writes that daily cleansing is done in the morning and football is practiced in the afternoon.
At the end of the day, schoolwork is done so that the boys keep their school skills straight.
Students going to exams have been allowed to return to school. 1 of the boys has resumed his schooling.
It is expected that the schools will open to all students after Christmas.

IMG 20201117 WA0004

Moses is deeply grateful for donations received from members of the association.

A grant will be sent for the operation of the home in December.
Donations to Moses 'boys' home are always more than welcome.
Best regards and thanks for the help from

Update from Moses Project Street Children

Help for Moses Kids Welfare Program (Moses street boys home).

The association has kindly received some funds from a few benevolent members to support the home with food purchases as well as other necessities for a longer period.
They have been received with great gratitude and Moses and his help have made the necessary purchases.
The home is now better equipped to cope in this difficult time. There is great joy and gratitude in Moses and the boys.

We fear that the crisis will develop and be prolonged. 

Any contribution to our relief pool will be appreciated and used 100% for the purpose.


Dear Karen
I hope you are well and safe.
I am writing this email as yesterday's continuation.
Yesterday we managed to purchase part of the basic items that we will need during this difficult period.
We have completed the process today.
What is remaining is the shirts which I decided it could be nice for each of the kids to have a shirt as a special gift from the well wishers.
Each shirt will go for KSHS 500 and as you will see from the budget,I have allocated part of the fund towards it.
I am in lias with a good tailor and once they are done I will let you know and maybe send a picture of the kids in them.
I have also added something towards any eventuality that may arise.i had some savings for it so I have just added a little from this fund.
As for the food and other basic items,I have outlined what we bought on the attached budget.
We didn't have most of the basic items.this fund has come at the right time.
We only had maize flour and rice which is mostly consumed by the boys.
The kids are very happy and they really appreciate your care and concern.
Please pass our greetings to Rigmor,Rene and Peter.

Also greet the other well wishers.
My wife and son have passed their warm greetings too. 

We are truly thankful.
I will be sending more photos as I update you on the progress.

Kind regards

friends who helps me

Photo of some of my good friends who helps us towards the wellness of the kids.

Our purchases

Street Children


Dear good friends and support in Githabai's Friends.
Just received a letter from Moses Karumi, the son of a single mother who lives on and on a small plot of land on Githabai. Moses is a trained accountant through Githabai's friends. Working in the office of the Presbytian Church in Nairobi.
Do you have any contacts, ideas or anything that may be. could support the project or donate a smaller or more small amount to the project. I guarantee Moses' honor and will visit him and the house when I go to Kenya in October.
Very good weekend from

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